Write For The Cultivating Change Foundation Blog

The Cultivating Change Foundation Blog is an online lifestyle publication for modern learning and development professionals.

We’re inspired by the innovators, creators, and explorers who push the agriculture industry forward. Equally we are inspired by organizations that not only believe in, but truly value the importance of diversity and inclusion. 

Studio 5 is a destination for teams and organizations to come and seek guidance on how they can define and redefine what their learning and development experience looks like. We believe the learning process should not only be fun, but engaging and slightly messy. 

Through features, interviews, essays, and photo stories that explore themes relevant to the global agriculture community, our goal is to encourage organizations of all sizes to challenge the norm of learning and development, to empower their people to think and feel differently, and to inspire change within their companies.

If you have an intriguing story, a fresh opinion, a controversial argument, or compelling advice to share with the learning and development community, we would love to hear from you.

Here’s everything you need to know about pitching a story to the Studio 5 Blog.

Editorial Guidelines

Story Formats: We publish first-person essays, opinion pieces, full length features, Q&A interviews, and photo essays.

Length: We place no stipulation on length. If 500 words will suffice to complete the article, so be it. If you need 1800 words to express yourself, that’s fine too.

Tone: Relatable and conversational. The tone of your article should sound as though you are conversing with a friend.

Style: We adhere to the Economist Style Guide.

Fee: We pay contributors for well-written, researched articles. Rates are available upon request.

Submitting Your Pitch

There is no need to submit a complete article to us. A description of the topic you wish to address, an outline of the article structure (bullet points are acceptable), your bio, and previous writing samples (if any), will suffice.

When you’re ready, send your pitch through to info@cultivatingchangefoundation.org for consideration. If your pitch is accepted, we will work with you to edit and finalize the article.

We cannot guarantee that we will publish your piece, but we will read and reply with candid feedback to all submissions.

We look forward to hearing from you!