LGBT Leadership Roundtable


To explore the LGBT community, its issues, and its future with leaders within the space of diversity and inclusion.


The world is changing. More than ever, our energies and efforts are being utilized to create safe and supportive environments for all those around us. Yet the truth remains that the discussion on how to maximize and increase the scope of those efforts and energies toward creating a more inclusive and equitable environment are not being heard by enough. Today we will hear from folks who understand and encourage the adoption of LGBT-inclusive policies and practices and know the importance of conversations around such. They will share their firsthand experiences on how the LGBT community and their allies can work together to create a more diverse and inclusive world.


  • What specific work have you done, are doing, or are planning to do in supporting the LGBT community?
  • How has the LGBT community evolved over that past 30 years? Where do we still fall short?
  • What is the greatest issue facing the LGBT community? How will the community overcome that issue?
  • How can the LGBT community become more inclusive towards people who haven't "fully gotten there" on their understanding of LGBT individuals or concerns?
  • What keeps LGBT organizations from having a stronger presence in ruralAmerican communities?