Fireside Chat Roundtable


To explore ways of promoting inclusion within agriculture, rural and LGBT communities.


Agriculture, as an industry, finds itself in a unique position within the current LGBT discussion. On one hand, large agriculture corporations and organizations maintain inclusive views and policies toward LGBT employees within the workplace. On the other hand, farmers, ranchers and other people in rural communities tend to be slower and more reluctant toward inclusion and acceptance. This divide on LGBT issues within the agriculture industry provides an opportunity for growth and progress.


  • Please provide an overview of what is being done in your company or organization or things you have heard of that are successful inclusion strategies for LGBT+ employees in agriculture, food and natural resources (AFNR)? Be as detailed and specific as possible to give others tangible ideas.
  • What is one thing everyone in this room can do today to help improve LGBT+ inclusion in agriculture?
  • If you could wave your magic wand and change, add, modify or otherwise challenge to make AFNR more inclusive and accepting of all individuals what would it be? Think big and bold or easy and simple. (For example - in my area of agricultural education I would change the official dress requirement as my big and bold and create am LBGT+ Teacher Resource Group as my simple and easy.)
  • When we meet back here in one year, what will you share that you personally did to create the world we want for LGBT+ in AFNR? What does success look like?
  • If you had the ability to look into the future 20 years, what do you hope you see for LGBT+ in AFNR?
  • Life is all about relationships and partnerships. Who does the CCF need to be partnering with or building relationships with to ensure AFNR continues to make progress related to LGBT+ inclusion and representation? Who should be part of the CCFS next year?